Debian mlmmj package

Between Debian Etch freezing and releasing I took over maintaining the mlmmj mailing list manager. Unfortuantly the version 1.2.11 has some minor issues which have been fixed in the releases upto 1.2.15.

It's really easy to use the latest version. Just do the following:

To /etc/apt/sources.list add...

deb-src unstable main

Then in some directory do the following to build and install the sid version.

apt-get update
apt-get build-dep mlmmj
apt-get -b source mlmmj
apt-get install dctrl-tools
dpkg -i mlmmj_1.2.15-*.deb

Exim needs configuring. To the routers section you need to add (note order matters in this section):

   driver = accept
   domains = +local_domains
   require_files = /var/spool/mlmmj/$local_part/index
   local_part_suffix = +*
   headers_remove = Delivered-To
   headers_add = Delivered-To: $local_part$local_part_suffix@$domain
   transport = mlmmj_transport 

And in the transport section add the following:

   driver = pipe
   home_directory = /var/spool/mlmmj
   current_directory = /var/spool/mlmmj
   command = /usr/bin/mlmmj-recieve -F -L /var/spool/mlmmj/$local_part

Then just run mlmmj-make-ml, say no to adding anything to your aliases. The exim config will automatically work out which mailing lists you have. Then configure the list and subscribe people.

Dan Walrond