OpenBSD pppoe(4) config changes

Up to OpenBSD 3.9 the following config is what one would use in /etc/hostname.pppoe0 if there's also /etc/hostname.rl1.

pppoedev rl1
!/usr/sbin/spppcontrol \$if myauthproto=chap myauthname=username \
!/sbin/ifconfig \$if inet
!/sbin/route add default

The current branch and probably OpenBSD 4.0 will have an updated config which is more sane. As per Reyk Floeter's email the following config changes occured.

Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 06:33:24 +0200                                           
From: Reyk Floeter                                            
Subject: in-kernel pppoe configuration with ifconfig                            

the kernel-based pppoe(4) implementation uses the sppp(4) network               
layer for PPP connectivity, configuration and status reporting.                 
this has been previously configured with the spppcontrol(8) utility,            
as mentioned in the manual page of the pppoe driver:                            
pppoedev ne0                                                                    
!/sbin/ifconfig ne0 up                                                          
!/usr/sbin/spppcontrol \$if myauthproto=pap myauthname=testcaller \             
!/sbin/ifconfig \$if inet netmask 0xffffffff                    
!/sbin/route add default                                                
i just commited some bits for ifconfig(8) to replace the spppcontrol            
functionality. users running -current and kernel pppoe should try to            
update their configuration, accordingly.                                                                    
inet pppoedev ne0 \                             
       authproto pap authname testcaller authkey donttell up                    
!/sbin/route add default                                                
$ ifconfig pppoe0                                                               
pppoe0: flags=8851 mtu 1492           
        dev: fxp2 state: session                                                
        sid: 0x496 PADI retries: 6 PADR retries: 0 time: 01:14:47               
        sppp: phase network authproto pap authname "XXX"                        
        groups: pppoe egress                                                    
        inet6 fe80::203:1dff:fe01:a31f%pppoe0 ->  prefixlen 64 scopeid 0xa      
        inet 82.xx.xx.xx --> netmask 0xffffffff                         

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